Keep Covid-19 away from the people you care about

Seroscreening offers a fast and economical way to control Covid-19

Complementary techniques

Seroscreening is one of the key tools for controlling Covid-19

The combination of seroscreening with antigen tests and digital tracing gives the broadest coverage for finding carriers and their contacts.

High sensitivity

Thanks to the specific antigens used, colloidal gold lateral flow technology detects the presence of SARS-Cov-2 antibodies even when there are no symptoms.

Product technology

Break the chains of transmission in 21 days

Since there are so many asymptomatic carriers of the virus, the fight against Covid-19 must include a technique for finding those asymptomatic carriers.

Discover how seroscreening can help break the chains of contagion in three seven-day rounds.

Secure, anonymous data

Linkcare’s data management platform lets you create electronic prescriptions, process the tests’ QR codes and assign them to a participant, and keep track of the time needed for reading the test results, all while keeping data completely anonymous.